What Causes Oven’s Thermal Fuse Fails To Work Correctly

June 18, 2022
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The oven is also one of the other options to use for cooking your favorite dishes. Nowadays, you can find different oven types, styles, and designs with different features that will allow you to conveniently cook the food and use the appliance. You can also find more on the M series and E series oven comparison of one of the trusted appliance brands.

But, there are some instances that you might face some problems in using the appliance. There are some instances the issue could be due to faulty parts that might have reached their end of lifespan or poor maintenance. To properly address this, Built-In Oven Appliance Repair may be needed to thoroughly check the appliance issue and do the necessary fix using the right tools and equipment for the repair.

Wolf Appliance Repair in Compton is one of the area’s trusted and reliable repair services. For many years, the company has been servicing the residential area regarding Wolf appliance repair needs. A team of professionally trained repair technicians, licensed and locally available, to help you anytime when you need a professional repair service to handle the repairs of your Wolf appliance like the Wolf oven.

One of the common problems that you might encounter with your oven is a problem with the thermal fuse. This component is designed to protect the appliance, and it helps to prevent fire hazards. If the oven gets too hot, the fuse trips and some electric ovens blow a thermal fuse. There are ways to determine if the thermal fuse is blown. You will be able to identify this whenever:

  • The oven gets too hot, some of the electric oven models might blow a thermal fuse.
  • A blown thermal fuse will shut off the oven’s power and cause it to not work.
  • Use a multimeter and test the continuity.
  • If the fuse test is negative for continuity, replace it. 
  • The oven control board display won’t work.

When the oven has a self-clean feature, the thermal fuse is often the fault. It is also common for the oven to lose power after the self-clean cycle is complete. Replacing the blown fuse is how to fix the issue for the thermal fuse to work again. This process is often easy to do and involves removing the oven’s top to swap out the fuse. It is important to turn off the oven’s power source before doing the repairs. If you experience a frequently blown fuse whenever you use the oven, this indicates an earth leakage or dead short, which is the most common cause of RCD and fuse trips.

If you experience this on your oven, it is best to let the experts assist you in ensuring the proper repair.


The oven is one of the important appliances that provide a lot of convenience in cooking. If it shows some issues, it is best to let Wolf Appliance Masters assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment for the repair.