What’s The Difference Between Wolf Rangetop and Cooktop

May 31, 2022
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As a homeowner and whenever you do a renovation to your kitchen, you will also consider getting a new appliance that will complement the overall design of your new kitchen, and all the features you need are available. Some of the typical appliances you might consider getting a new are refrigerators, ranges or even a cooktop. Regardless of how modern the appliance could be, it is still possible that you will need a professional Rangetops repair technician to assist you in repairing the appliance.

Typically, many homeowners and even a professional kitchen prefer to use a gas rangetop due to its precise cooking. Its features will ensure that you will have a great experience using the appliance when it comes to your cooking needs. But, there are times that it also needs repair. At some point in its lifespan, you might encounter some issues with its parts and components, which can affect how the appliance works, and you might need a Wolf gas rangetop repair.

A professional Wolf Appliance Masters in Rolling Hills team of expert repair technicians are trained and licensed to handle the repair. With the skills and knowledge and the right tools and equipment to ensure the proper repair of the appliance.

You may wonder, which one to choose between, a rangetop or a cooktop? What are their differences?

Since a cooking appliance can be considered an investment, you must know what you want before purchasing it. To help you with this, you can check the following details provided.

Both the rangetops and the cooktops are designed to help save space in your kitchen. These are also great options for homeowners who have built-in ovens somewhere in their kitchen. If you want to have a cooking appliance installed on a kitchen island, the rangetop or the cooktop are your best options. The biggest difference between the two cooking appliances relates to their own control features and their installation method. Since the rangetop often features similar dimensions like a full range without the oven, this will allow you to install the range top above the drawers or cabinets in your kitchen. On the other hand, the cooktop is similar in that you can install it above the drawers or the cabinets, but its feature controls are on the top of the appliance. Because of these features, the cooktop is often installed into a portion of the counter removed, providing the countertop on all four sides of the appliance.

Other things that you should also consider before purchasing a new cooking appliance include the following:

  • Size of the kitchen
  • The amount of cooking you will typically do
  • The type of cooking appliance, whether it is electric, gas, or induction
  • Features that you will be using, whether you will use the professional or prefer a simpler one.


Cooking appliances such as the rangetop or the cooktops are a big advantage for cooking needs. But, if it shows some problems, it is best to let a professional handle it. Call Wolf Appliance Masters to schedule an appointment for the repair.